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Takuya Kimura~


Date of Birth: 13 November 1972        

Horoscope: Scorpio                   

Height: 176cm                           

Weight: 57kg                            

Interests: Playing the Guitar, Surfing, Fishing.                       

Takuya faced opposition from parents when he wanted to enter the entertainment world.


13 November 1972
Born in Tokyo.
Joined Johnny's Office.
April 1988
Chosen for the new group SMAP.
12 October 1988
Acting debut in "Abunai Shounen III" (television).
5 December 1989
Theatre debut in "Moudouken".
9 September 1991
CD debut as SMAP with Can't Stop-Loving
18 March 1992
Wins Golden Arrow Best Newcomer to Broadcasting Award as SMAP.
10 December 1993
Sudden boost in fame and popularity through drama Asunaro Hakusho.
1993-94 Becomes advert figure for Toyota Rav 4. Toyota had to quadruple the planned number of cars produced per month.
12 March 1994
Film debut in Shoot!
8 September 1994
Voted Best Male Jeans Dresser of the Year (the first of five successive years).
28 December 1994
Wins Ishihara Yuujiroo Newcomer Award for his acting in Shoot!
Wins Elan d'Or Newcomer Prize for his acting in Shoot!
Appears on the cover of businessmen's weekly "Shukan Asahi" twice in the space of three months. Unheard of in a male pop idol. His name comes to stand for the height of male beauty, nearly achieving common noun status.
16 Feburary1996
Kanebo Testimo II campaign starts, making him the first male star to advertise lipstick. The brand's sales figures nearly tripled within a month.
Serial drama Long Vacation in which he played the lead becomes the hit of the season. Monday nights found women rushing home not to miss it.
24 December 1997
Voted Best Actor of the Year by both Weekly Television and TV LIFE .
31 March 1998
Voted Best Leading Actor of 1997 in NIkkan Sports Drama Grand Prix.
1998-99 Becomes advert figure for women's beauty clinic TBC. The sudden increase in inquiries from men led TBC to conceive and open Japan's first beauty clinic for men. Others followed.
17 December 1998
Voted Best Actor of the Year by Weekly Television.
1999 Becomes advert figure for Weider-in-Jelly marketed by Morinaga. The jelly was one of only two Morinaga products to have its sales figures go up this year.
16 November 1999
Appointed first Asian star to advertise Levi's jeans.
Jan-March, 2000 Serial drama Beautiful Life becomes the hit of the season with average audience ratings of over 30%.
25 April 2000
Voted Best Leading Actor of 1999 in Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix.
25 May 2000
Wins Housou Bunka Foundation's Award in the Best Performance by an Actor category (for Beautiful Life).

He is currently appearing in a number of TV advertisements, as well as working with Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai as the star of his new film 2046.
He appears regularly on "SMAPxSMAP" (Mondays, Fuji TV) and "Kimura Takuya's What's Up SMAP" (Fridays, Tokyo FM)


Since 13 November 2000

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